STOR 355 Statistical Methods I

Instructor: Zhengyuan Zhu

Summary: This course presents regression analysis and related techniques, and is recommended for students throughout the natural and social sciences who are interested in applying regression analysis in their research and/or understanding the statistical concepts underlying the methodology. The topics include simple and multiple linear regression, matrix representation of the regression model, statistical inferences for regression model, diagnostics and remedies for multicollinearity, outlier and influential cases, polynomial regression and interaction regression models, model selection, weighted least square procedure for unequal error variances, and ANOVA model and test. Statistical software SAS will be used throughout the course to demonstrate how to apply the techniques on real data. The main purposes of this course is to let students know how to use regression methods properly in data analysis and lay the foundation for more advanced studies in statistics.

Prerequisites: STOR 155 or equivalent. Some familiarity with matrix algebra recommended, but not required.

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