Ph.D. Students by Year of Graduation

Dissertation: "Multivariate Stratification Methods to Accommodate Multiple Estimation Goals." Dissertation: "Topics in sparse functional data analysis." Dissertation: "Topics in generalized linear mixed models and spatial subgroup analysis" Dissertation: "Topics in Bootstrap methods for survey sampling and spatially balanced design." Dissertation: "Contributions to modeling spatially indexed functional data using a reproducing kernel Hilbert space framework." Dissertation: "Fractional Imputation Methods in Missing Data Analysis and Nonstationary Spatial Modeling." Dissertation: "Hotspot Detection and a Nonstationary Process Variance Function Estimation." Dissertation: "Non-parametric and Semi-parametric Estimation of Spatial Covariance Function." Dissertation: "Asymptotic Theory for Inference in Non-linear Mixed Models." Dissertation: "Statistical Inferences for Correlated Observations: Prediction, Estimation and Design." Dissertation: "Functional Singular Value Decomposition and MultiResolution Anomaly Detection."